Our Favorite Artist Of The Week You Need To Know: Janelle Monae

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Janelle Monae performs on the today show september 12 2013 new york city ny

Janelle Monae, the highly energetic and highly talented singer-songwriter, is our favorite artist this week! Her résumé boasts having her music in films like Friends With Benefits and Happy Feet 2, as well as being a COVERGIRL spokeswoman since mid-2012. You might also know her as the singer featured in Fun's We Are Young, the song heard 'round the world (over and over again). And, on an unofficial résumé somewhere, it's also listed that her makeup is always flawless.

I mean, yes, she's gorgeous all on her own. But her makeup is, not only very pretty, but it's also so her. Her rosy cheeks and exciting eyes are a part of what make her captivating to watch. You, too, can achieve a similar look, starting with something as simple as amazing eye makeup. That's the true heart of every look, isn't it? You can get a similar look to Janelle's with COVERGIRL's New Flamed Out Collection line, which includes eye liner, COVERGIRL Flamed Out Mascara, Flamed Out Shadow Pencils and Flamed Out Shadow Pots. The mascara will give your lashes up to 3 times the volume, the 2-in-1 gel liner will give you exotic eyes, and the shadow pots will help finish off the look.

Now that we're privy to how she looks so fabulous, how about we figure out how she just is so fabulous in every other way? Just look at her go, in her video for her song, Dance Apocalyptic. I bet you won't be able to sit still while watching. (If you are able to sit still, just lie to me, please. I won't mind.)

I suspect that her latest album is called The Electric Lady because that's the best way to describe Janelle's performances and overall vibe. When watching her perform, her fearlessness and fun-loving style is immediately noticeable and really just adds to the party that it is watching her do what she loves. She's quirky and creative and enjoys pushing the envelope, which is why we love her so much!

If you want to get to know her a little better, you can just go right on ahead and follow her on Twitter @JanelleMonae and on Instagram @janellemonae.

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(Lead Photo: Dan Jackman/WENN)