QUIZ: Which Character From Jane the Virgin are You?

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The CW

Everyone's favorite telenovela is premiering its 4th season in just a few weeks, and we couldn't be more excited. Few shows have as many likeable inter-connected characters as “Jane the Virgin.”
There's Jane, of course, our hard-working protagonist who is juggling motherhood along with a budding career. Petra is Jane's baby-daddy's ex, and we are still trying to decide if she's evil or not — either way, we love her. The baby-daddy himself is Rafael, a handsome and ambitious business owner who still might have feelings for Jane. Michael is Jane's sweet and goofy husband and a brilliant detective.
And we can't forget Jane's fun-loving mom, Xiomara, or her deeply religious grandmother, Alba, who help keep Jane grounded in different ways. Last but not least is Rogelio, Jane's famous telenovela star father who's always full of hilarious quips and one-liners. Take our quiz to find out which of these characters you are most like!