Listening To Jane Lynch Talk About Cory Monteith Will Make You Cry

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Jane Lynch Cory Monteith Interview Tonight Show

Last night Glee star and all around hilarious human being Jane Lynch went on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno presumably to talk about her new show, Hollywood Game Night. However the conversation naturally veered away from her fun new show and instead moved toward the incredibly tragic death of her Glee cast mate and friend, Cory Monteith.

In the days since we learned that the 31-year-old actor passed away from an accidental drug overdose in Canada, we've heard nothing but great stories about him. Considering that he struggled with a serious drug addiction for several years, it speaks volumes to his character that he still managed to be a good person day in and day out. There's nothing easy or pleasant about having an addiction — especially one as serious as heroin. That's why the fact that no “well one time this horrible thing happened..” stories have come out yet is so amazing. By all accounts, he was a good guy. He deserves to be remembered for that — and not for the way he died.

Knowing this only makes listening to Jane Lynch talk about him more heartbreaking. Not only does she struggle to get through it, but she shares a wonderful story about him flying across the country with his own money to meet with a sick child. “I don't think he left one day unlived,” she says at one point during the interview. While it's incredibly sad to think that he's gone forever, it's somewhat reassuring to know that so many people close to him have so many wonderful memories.