Jamie Kennedy And Jennifer Love Hewitt Break Up. Love Is Dead!

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  • Jamie Kennedy and Jennifer Love Hewitt have broken up. I completely agree with this decision, especially after Jamie’s appearance at a Nickelodeon event last week wherein he creepily advised tweens in the audience to “put a little powder-fresh on your armpits — it works for me.” No, Jamie, it did not work for you and your Vajazzled girlfriend. Someone else will have to follow a trail of rhinestones into Jennifer’s heart. (Dlisted)
  • Heidi Montag’s new manager is also a psychic who communicates with spirits and dead celebrities. Sounds about right, and I love it. (People)
  • Corey Haim’s funeral costs will be covered by the memorabilia company that was auctioning off some of his belongings. (TMZ)
  • 50 Cent talked about wanting to work with Susan Boyle, who crossed her fingers that MAYBE Fiddy would pick her to open his tour. He went with a singer named David John instead. Susan, you’re aiming for the wrong demo. How about opening for Michael Buble? Duh. (Perez Hilton)
  • Never mess with Sean Penn! Robin Wright’s new boyfriend learned that the hard way. Anyways, a reporter was banned from an event in DC for bringing up Sean’s past comment about wishing his critics would die screaming of rectal cancer. (Gawker)
  • I don’t do scary movies but I want to see this. Predators kicked off the SXSW festival last night. (Speakeasy)
  • The Real Housewives’ OC edition is over — for now — but their husbands are still a conversation topic. The Frisky would shun gross/controlling Jim Bellino, shag handsome/controlling Simon Barney and marry Donn Gunvalson. Totally agree. (The Frisky)