Jamie Foxx Clashes With Howard Stern, Denies Gay Rumors

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How do you know you're not gay? You eat pizza in the shower! That's the warped logic of Jamie Foxx, who addressed rumors of homosexuality on his Foxxhole radio show thusly: “A lot of people say that I'm gay, and that doesn't bother me because I could eat a pizza in a male shower and not feel anything because I'm secure with myself.” The catalyst? Howard Stern, who suggested Jamie is gay — which made Jamie very, very irate, even comparing Howard to a “naked Beagle,” among other insults. Not that Howard would mind: It's good to drum up controversy now and then! And, well, Jamie is an easy target. Why? Because he has more pride than Donald Trump, and far less than Howard (who is as self-loathing as Jamie is semi-delusional). Howard puts it all out there, and so does Jamie — after all, their outsized egos demand to be heard — but the difference between a shock jock like Howard and a multi-talented entertainer like Jamie is that while Howard lacks shame, Jamie takes himself very seriously. In baiting Jamie by raising the gay question, which dogs many an actor, Howard has revealed the weak spot of a guy whose image depends on being a ladies' man, a club casanova, a smooth boozehound.

Be warned, Jamie, Howard will strike again. And as long as you keep responding, he will continue with the digs.

And finally, remember when Jamie went after Miley Cyrus on his radio show? Classic unfiltered Foxx. The most scandalicious line: “She's got to get a gum transplant!” This, from the camera hog who won't get off the stage even when his performance is over; seriously, Jamie, get off the stage, for once in your life!  You are really annoying! As Samantha Ronson once complained, “he's funny for about 3 minutes — then it's just self-indulgent look at me shit.”

Then again, a celebrity universe without Jamie Foxx would be a more boring place. And Howard Stern would have one less person to bait.