5 Facts About Jamie Dornan, Your Official New Christian Grey In Fifty Shades

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Jamie Dornan March 2009Alright you guys, this is not a drill. (I don't think.) The role of Christian Grey, vacant since Charlie Hunnam unceremoniously dropped it on its sadomasochistic ass, has just been filled. And the lucky winner of this maybe not-so-coveted role opposite Dakota Johnson in Fifty Shades Of Grey? Why it's none other than Jamie Dornan.

As you may recall, Jamie was one of the two guys who were rumored to be auditioning on Monday — the other was Billy Magnussen — but aside from that, we don't know much about him. Well don't worry, guys, because that's about to change. And we don't have much time, because if Jamie drops the role as quickly as Charlie did, we only have about a month before he's outta here. So let's do this get-to-know-ya process real quick and nasty like, just like the movie would want, with a fast and loose five facts about Jamie:

  1. First the bare bones — he's a thirty-one year old actor, model, and musician from Northern Ireland.
  2. Oh what does he model for, you ask? Well Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, and Armani, to name a few. No big deal, I've barely heard of them.
  3. He dated Kiera Knightley for two years after meeting her at a photoshoot in 2003.
  4. He married singer songwriter Amelia Waner in April of this year, and the two of them announced in June that they're expecting their first child. Sorry ladies.
  5. He's done some movies, but if you recognize him, it's likely from television, where he's played Sheriff Graham Humbert on Once Upon A Time and played serial killer Paul Spector on a BBC Two series called The Fall.

I'm just hoping this cast decision sticks, because frankly, Jamie is fairly delicious and could be just the thing to get me to care about this movie.

(Image: Tim Whitby / Getty Images Entertainment)