All Jamie Dornan Is Doing To Prepare For 50 Shades Of Grey Is Practicing Wearing Suits

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Jamie Dornan in bathtub for Interview Magazine cover issue June 2014If you've seen an episode of Inside The Actors Studioyou know as well as I do that the hardest thing about acting is looking natural in a suit. That's it, right? I'm not remembering that wrong? Jamie Dornan said it's right, so I'm sure I'm fine.

As you may or may not recall, since this movie is moving toward the box office at a literal snail's pace, Jamie is the guy who was cast as Christian Grey in 50 Shades Of Grey after that other guy you haven't heard of backed out.

But anyway, he did an interview in the very fittingly-titled Interview Magazine, and when asked how he was preparing for the role, the only thing that seemed to pop to mind was going to the gym and ‘getting better at wearing suits'.

I think there was so much more to Christian that we covered—someone who is careful to keep himself in shape, someone who spends obscene amounts of money on presenting himself. A lot of that work was done in the gym and with costume.”

So…less about how he's preparing, and more about what he's wearing.

“We didn’t talk about particulars of the way he would move. But I’m quite awkward in a suit because I don’t have an opportunity to wear a suit very often, and this is a guy who lives in a suit—the best suit. That has to have an effect. But when you end up in a suit for 80 percent of the filming process, you become pretty comfortable with it.”

So get ready guys! After just four more years of filming, you too can watch what's starting to sound like a porn-themed Men's Wearhouse commercial. Can't wait.

(Photo: Mert Allas & Marcus Piggott for Interview Magazine)