James Van Der Beek Explains Why Fame Makes Justin Bieber Behave Like An Overtired Baby

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James Van Der BeekWhen I think of James Van Der Beek, I don't immediately think of Dawson's Creek. Crazy, I know, but the show aired when I was in elementary school and I was more interested in playing in a creek than watching TV. But I do think of him as a hot celebrity who made it big at a young age. Like Justin Bieber, now.

Well, “hot” is highly debatable for the Biebs, but I'm not a teen fan, so what do I know? (A lot more than I did when I was a teen, actually.) Hot or not, James and Justin were both initiated into a life of fame and fortune at a young age. Somehow though, I can't find any proof that an alleged prostitute filmed James sleeping, and I can't say the same for Justin.

For all of the crass and unpredictable shenanigans Justin's engaged in lately, he doesn't seem to have much to say to defend himself – Ariana Grande tried, but even she pretty much gave up halfway through. James Van Der Beek, though he doesn't straight up excuse behavior like Justin's, does give really deep, significant insight on the impact of not only fame at a young age, but fame at a young age in today's society.

In an interview with Vulture, James succinctly describes why fame is not hard, but tricky. Which is an important distinction:

“Fame is not hard. Right? Being a soldier is hard, digging ditches is hard, coal mining is hard. But it’s tricky. It’s not something you can ever get any sympathy for, nor should you, and it’s not something you can really explain to someone who hasn’t gone through it. But it’s tricky because … you’re the same. You feel generally like the same person, but the behavior of everyone around you starts to change.”

James believes that teen idols now have it rough because of the intense scrutiny they're under. There were no videos going viral on the Internet of Dawson Leery. You can't say the same of Justin Bieber. Even though he should be a role model for his millions of young fans, this does help explain why he doesn't seem to care about that. While I can't imagine ever sympathizing with Justin Bieber after everything he's done recently — especially since other child stars have gotten through this phase without peeing in buckets — James' comments do help me understand what happening inside that brain of his.

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