James Gandolfini Is Oh So Sweet In The Trailer For Enough Said, His Last Starring Role

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Enough Said James Gandolfini Julia Louis Dreyfus 2013

It's been almost two months since James Gandolfini passed away, and as so often happens in these situations, he still has work that has yet to be released. In this case his last starring role is in a genre people don't usually associate with tough guy Tony Soprano — a romantic comedy. The film's called Enough Said, and it co-stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus. I'm not the first to comment that Gandolfini definitely shows his softer side in this new trailer, and the film looks like a warm-and-fuzzy feel-good flick. The kind you invite your mom to see with you on a rainy Saturday afternoon. There aren't enough of those movies these days, if you ask me, so I'm excited to see this one.

In the movie, directed by Nicole Holofcener, massage therapist Eva (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) starts seeing Albert (James Gandolfini). They're both divorced and they both have daughters who are getting close to leaving the nest. But twist! One of Eva's massage clients (played by Catherine Keener) has a closer tie to Albert than Eva could ever have expected. Complications ensue, and it all looks very witty and good-natured and sweet. Which is exactly what Gandolfini is in this trailer. In the trailer, Julia Louis-Dreyfus describes his character as "funny and comforting and sexy to me." And I think Gandolfini definitely pulls that off. Although he's known for his harsher roles, this isn't the first time he's shown his softer side. He was a sweetheart in the weird indie movie Romance and Cigarettes, and he voiced a big furry creature in Where the Wild Things Are. I can understand why softer roles seem to have come just as naturally as tougher ones to him, because based on the words of those who knew him, it isn't too far off from what he was like in real life. Because of that, I think it's incredibly poignant that he finished his career with a role like this. It will be a fond way to remember a great actor.

On top of all that, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a goddess, and I'll watch pretty much anything she's in. This movie's going on my to-do list.