James Franco’s ‘Freaks And Geeks’ Co-star: ‘I Keep Hearing About Weird Projects He’s Doing’

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Martin Starr and James Franco share much in common: They are offbeat, comic actors with a cult fan base. They both starred in the short-lived TV series Freaks And Geeks. They do interesting “work.”

But Martin, who played a geek to James' freak, is not too sure he'd follow James into the world of soap operas. (The actor/grad student reprises his mysterious role on General Hospital next month.)

“He's a good guy, last time we hung out we had a good time,” Martin tells Crushable. “But yeah, I keep hearing about weird projects he's doing like General Hospital. … I watched part of an episode once, and it was interesting to see him do a completely different style of acting.”

Would he ever do a soap as a goof or one-off stunt?

“I can't say I would ever do anything as a once-off (project), but I can't say it's ever crossed my mind — unless there was some opportunity that came up,” Martin says. “I don't think I would pursue that. But we're all different people.”

Martin portrays an event caterer on the Starz series Party Down, also featuring Adam Scott and Lizzy Caplan. As far as we know, he is not trying to star in James' vision for $25.