7 Possible Reasons That James Franco Is Wearing Batman-Themed S&M Gear

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7 Possible Reasons That James Franco Is Wearing Batman Themed S M Gear james franco batman jpg
James Franco 
has never shied away from confusing the eff out of us with his social media accounts, as evidenced by these extremely WTF-worthy moments from his Instagram, but I think he may have outdone himself today.

James posted the following photo to his Facebook today with zero context and the caption ’50 Shades of Batman And Robin’. It seems to be him wearing a Batman mask with some sort of weird S&M harness on underneath it, but we’re also zoomed way in on his chest so I have absolutely no idea. No idea about what this is, what he’s up to, what he’s thinking…just no idea.

7 Possible Reasons That James Franco Is Wearing Batman Themed S M Gear James Franco wearing bondage gear and Batman mask December 2013 jpg

But I’m not the kind of hard-hitting journalist who just gives up when she comes across a snag. Oho no. I dig deep, unearth facts, and get yelled at in the comments section. That’s who I am. And in honor of the fact-finding blood pumping through my veins, I came up with some hypotheses of what in the holy beans James Franco might be up to today. Read on, for the only possible reasons that James Franco is wearing Batman-themed S&M gear.

  1. Character research for his Off-Broadway play Fifty Shades of Gotham.
  2. Unsatisfied with just the 2011 Oscars, he’s trying to tarnish more things connected with Anne Hathaway.
  3. He literally thinks that today is Halloween.
  4. He has plans to rob a bank in an extremely tropical climate.
  5. He’s filming a guest spot alongside Tobias in the promised Arrested Development movie as ‘Leather Daddy 2’, a single dad who dresses up as his son’s favorite characters in whatever’s lying around.
  6. He got invited to a costume party later tonight, where the theme is ‘confuse me’.
  7. He’s going on a first date with Anastasia Steele Magnolias, the passive twin sister of Poison Ivy.


(Photos: Cinzia Camela/WENN.com / Facebook)