In Super WTF News, James Franco Allegedly Tried To Meet Up With A Teen Via Instagram

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James Franco Yikes

Are you ready for your sketchy meter to start going off like crazy? Photos of an alleged conversation between James Franco and a 17 year-old girl have surfaced, in which it appears that James is trying to arrange a meet-up in NYC. Oh, I'm sorry, a meet-up in a hotel room in NYC. Yes, I can hear the question marks forming in your head and I'm right there with you.

The photos of the alleged conversation show James allegedly planning to meet up with the teen girl even after discovering that she is underage. While it isn't automatically against the law for an adult male to “hang out” with a teen girl, it does rile up my creep senses a whole lot. Gossip Cop reports that the alleged conversation occurred on Instagram through private message and then eventually moved over to text.

James Franco Teen Girl Instagram

James Franco Text Teen

(Screenshot: Gossip Cop)

Ummm??? This is sketchy. I realize that you can't believe everything on the internet now or ever, so I'm hesitant to accept this as true fact. But I'm still experiencing a serious bout of side-eye at the moment because this kind of thing is not okay.

After the internet got hold of the photos, James posted the following tweet seemingly in response the allegations:

Listen, James, you and me both. I, too, want all teens to stay away from 35 year-old men and their hotel rooms. So please please please let these allegations be false. I was really hoping to have a little faith in humanity today but it's so early and this would be so terrible.

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