James Franco Talks ‘General Hospital,’ Makes Us Even More Confused

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James Franco Talks  General Hospital  Makes Us Even More Confused Franco cover 322x445 jpgSometimes, we feel like it might be a good idea to splurge $4 on a soap opera magazine. Of course, there has to be a good reason; in this case, a creeptastic photo of James Franco did the trick! Come on, it’s time to bury our noses in ABC Soaps In Depth.

As you should know, James is back on General Hospital playing Franco. “There are always opportunities to come back, regardless of what happens to my character. Even if he dies,” James tells the magazine.  This, my friends, is why we all ought to watch more soap operas.

James sprinkles the interview with lots of quotes that make little to no sense! And ABC Soaps In Depth does little or nothing to explain them. Normally such shoddy journalism might bother us, but in our quest to be eternally mystified by James Franco, this is excellent material.

Some choice quotes:

  • “We’re, in a way, pushing at the fourth wall, but it doesn’t quite break. It’s more like merging the outside world and the fictional world.” Okay. You might as well have just said “sfgkjhsgo aenrlanksjdnr ksdjhfgeosdfgf ” and we probably would’ve understood that to a similar degree.
  • “I’m not really like the character Franco, but they’re still using my name. Because of that, I think it’s hard to watch that character without thinking about me, the real person.” James, TV has been around for almost a hundred years. Movies have existed since the 19th-century. They put on plays in Ancient Greece, for gods sake. At this point, we are pretty sure that people know that actors and the characters they play are not the same thing.
  • “We discussed how we could expand this examination of both daytime and these ideas of crossing over between real life and art-world entertainment and how those things can blend. One of the ideas we came up with was to have my character have a show at the actual gallery, and we would film the fictional characters at the gallery.” Dude, you lost us at the “examination of daytime.”
  • “I wanted to play an artist, and I wanted him to be crazy.” Alright, that makes sense.
  • “They asked if they could call the charcter Franco, which I thought was a really good idea. What all those elements did in combination with being on GH, where most of the characters are kind of sexy, it created this crazy artist character, who’s dark and twisted but, because of the nature of the show and the nature of the character’s artwork, he is both repellent and attractive.” So basically, you think you’re hot. You could have just said so.
  • On his “art world colleagues: “A lot of them told me they were fascinated by my doing this and have said, ‘I love that idea.'” “Colleagues,” we would love to meet you, whoever you may be.

James Franco Talks  General Hospital  Makes Us Even More Confused franco inside jpg