8 James Franco Stunts That Prove He Might Be Trolling Us All With This Teen Scandal

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James Franco Wink

I've just reset my eyeballs after they popped out of my head this morning when I found out that James Franco allegedly tried to arrange a hotel room meet-up with a girl that he knew was underage. And now, they're threatening to come right back out again because it's come to attention that there's a chance that this is all a Jimmy Kimmel-style hoax to promote his new movie, Palo Alto. (Thanks to commenter, Elle, for the heads-up!)

At first, I was like, “Well, why wouldn't he have just released a commercial like a normal human?” But after a bit of sleuthing, it seems that the details of this scandal and the plot of the movie line up prettty well. Hollywood Life also pointed out that the alleged conversation in question and the release of the movie trailer happened on the same day. So, there's that.

If it is all a big stunt, I can assure you that I feel a nice little mixture of extreme relief (yay, no teens being preyed upon!) and annoyance (ugh, I keep falling for these internet lies). Although, I maybe could've seen it coming, what with James' history of pulling stunts left and right. Like, for example, these 8.

1. The time he had someone tattoo him with a knife in memory of a friend who'd died.

James Franco Eyebrow Raise


To draw attention to the passing of his friend and fellow actor, Brad Renfro, James had a tattoo artist slice Brad's name into his forearm with a switchblade. And then, in typical James fashion, he made a film about it.

2. The time he wouldn't stop staging his own paparazzi photos. 

James Franco Laugh


To his credit, it looks like he spent a lot of work on the fake-pap pictures. He even got a little Perez Hilton-y on us.

3. The time he recreated Kimye's Bound 2 music video.

James Franco Bound 2


AKA the official solidification of his bromance with Seth Rogen. It was there before, but they'd never made out on a fake motorcycle in front of a green screen before, so.

4. The time he took a job on General Hospital for seemingly no reason at all.

James Franco Winking


I get that he's tries to keep a foot in each door, if you will, but don't soap operas usually come before billion-dollar Blockbuster careers?

5. The time he got a professor at NYU fired for failing him.

James Franco Laughing


Apparently, a D is not the grade you give to a movie star who is taking your class because he has a spare 27 minutes in his otherwise full day. No, not even if that's the grade that you feel he earned.

6. The time he allegedly ducked a lawsuit for half a year.

James Franco Boom


And when you sue him for defamation regarding said firing, just know that you should send it 136 days in advance because that's how long he'll avoid it for.

7. The time he oddly mashed up S&M and Batman.

James Franco Look Around


You doing okay, James?

8. The time he hosted the Oscars in his sleep.

James Franco Annoyed


If you say that you didn't feel the awkward radiating from your TV as you watched from home, you're lying.

9. And, finally, the time he maybe staged an alleged meet-up with a minor. 

James Franco No


Dammit, James.

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