James Franco Trolls Kimye ‘s Vogue Cover, And It’s Pretty Much The Best Use Of Photoshop Ever

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Seth Rogen James Franco Bound 2 spoof

While most celebrities are probably feeling a little butthurt over the Kimye Vogue cover (I'm looking at you, Sarah Michelle Gellar), James Franco took those feelings and interpreted them in a way that only James Franco can: by Photoshopping the loving faces of himself and Seth Rogen on the cover.  Because of course he did.  Hey, I'm not complaining.  I love everything about this.

Seth once again plays the role of Kim Kardashian, which he first took on during the amazing “Bound 3” spoof.  James Franco portrays a much more engaged Kanye (or “KanYE” if you're Kris Jenner) than the original, and I have to say these two are kind of a power couple, no?  James shared the photo in Instagram first with the caption “Seth! Love you dog!”

I feel like even Annie Leibovitz herself couldn't capture the blissful-yet-goofy look in Seth's eye as he's nuzzled by ol' Bedroom Eyes Franco, considering the original cover features two people with robot hands who don't even make convincing acquaintances, let alone two people who are supposedly obsessed with each other and made a baby together.

Rogen simply tweeted back: “It had to be done.”  I think my crush on Kevin Spacey is going to have to take a backseat today, because I absolutely love these two guys.  Troll on, gentleman.

(GIF: Tumblr)