James Franco Put His Bare Ass On A Magazine Cover

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You know, I always kinda figured I'd see James Franco‘s ass one day, but I was pretty sure it would be in person — like at some super cool party in the Hollywood Hills where everyone would drink too much champagne and decide to go skinny dipping. And James'd cannonball over Chloe Sevigny‘s head, and we'd all laugh and laugh and be best friends forever.

Something like that, not on the cover of a magazine, in close-up. But James pulled down his trousers for Flaunt Magazine and revealed what I very much hope is a real tramp stamp. Here's a choice quote from Q&A wherein James addresses his subversive, shocking art:

“We are post-shock in a sense, but it all depends on context. Anything can be found on the internet, but when you take something that is familiar in one context and manipulate it, and put it in a new context, it can be a shock because it defies its former categorization. That is the kind of shock that I’m interested in—not shocking content, but defamiliarizing juxtapositions and redefinitions. I want to look underneath things, to show things in new lighting, in order make new sense of them.”

Baring your butt's a pretty literal way of “looking underneath things,” but even so, I sincerely hope James has made new sense of his own ass.

(via Vulture)