James Franco Posted A Naked Selfie, Proving He Needs To Retake Instagram 101

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For all the classes he's taught himself at NYU, I kinda think James Franco needs to take a class of his own in social media. Maybe something like Instagram Etiquette 101, because he's having some real struggles lately being a normal human being who doesn't openly pursue teenage girls and post naked selfies.

I'm sure you already remember that time when James took a liking to a seventeen-year old girl whom he met outside the stage door of the show he's currently doing on Broadway, Of Mice And MenSure, she was twenty years his junior, but she was also beautiful and in possession of an Instagram account, so he wasted no time attempting to woo her into a hotel room with him, presumably for to make sex. But after she made their conversations public, he admitted to all that, as one does when one is utterly unashamed of one's self and oblivious to the issues inherent in trolling a high schooler for sex.

Anyway, we were hopeful (but not optimistic) that he'd learned his lessons about the fact that Instagram is A WIDE OPEN WORLD, but it seems he did not, as he put up a nearly naked selfie last night. The photo, which he pulled after a couple hours, shows him posing sweatily in his bathroom with no shirt and one hand a little ways down his dingy tighty-whities, which are pulled down around his waist to expose a tasteful thatch of pubes.

James Franco naked selfie that he later removed from Instagram May 2014


GIRL. What are you doing? Putting it up in the first place was one thing, but taking it down? What is this, amateur hour? We live in a world of screen grabs, so nothing ever disappears from the internet. Especially not naked pictures. If you have one person in particular whom you want to see that particularly imagery, maybe go ahead and send it directly to them, or invest in the thirty seconds it takes to download SnapChat.

These are all options at your disposal that don't end with millions of people meeting your dead-eye stare as you gently cup your danglies.