Video: James Franco Debuts His New Band With Annoyingly Good Single ‘Love In The Old Days’

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Actor/writer/artist/film director/meta-self-satirist James Franco can now add “music” to the list of things he is annoyingly good at.

Everyone’s favorite Hollywood Renaissance man has a new musical project called Daddy with his RISD buddy Tim O’Keefe, which Rolling Stone explains is “less a band than a way to make all kinds of art out of whatever they’re into at the time.” “The way we come at it is not to be a band creating a record, but from a wider artistic approach,” he told the magazine, “looking at different genres of music, different periods of time, really studying it, and then creating work influenced and inspired by that.” Do you hear him, people? THIS IS ART.

They premiered their first music video for lead single (though I’m sure he’d object to the term “single”) “Love In The Old Days” on RollingStone.com, and as much as I’d like to hate it on principle, I don’t. The song is anchored by a catchy hook, equal parts 60’s Motown and sunny California, and is interspersed with Franco doing his best beat poet voice as he recites bits of a poem about looking at photos from his parents’ wedding and longing for that kind of hippie love. The video is a pastiche of retro-looking people having fun in the sun, until the end when we get to see the aforementioned parental wedding pictures. Aaaaw.

Has James Franco, like Michael Pitt after playing Kurt Cobain, mistakenly begun to think that he is Allen Ginsberg? Perhaps! But due to a combination of fall wistfulness, aesthetic inoffensiveness, and Franco’s devilish grin, I just can’t get mad at it.

(Via Rolling Stone)

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