James Franco’s Mother May I Sleep With Danger? Remake Involves Lesbian Vampires, Because Sure

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James Franco Mother May I Sleep With Danger2016 has been a really weird year so far, and it's only April. I say this not only because of the shitshow that is the current presidential election, but also because James Franco is remaking Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? as a lesbian vampire movie. In the immortal words of David After Dentist, is this real life?

We already told you when it was first announced that James Franco wrote the story for Lifetime's upcoming remake of the classically cheesy 1996 NBC made-for-TV movie Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? We just didn't know at the time what that story would be. Now Vulture is reporting that the film will be “a same-sex vampire love story.”

A college-age young woman played by Leila George introduces her mother (Tori Spelling, star of the original) to her new girlfriend (Emily Meade). Her mother grows suspicious of the girlfriend and makes “a startling discovery” about her. I'm guessing that startling discovery is that she's a vampire. Wild guess.

The movie will also star James Franco himself in an unspecified role, although I deduce he's a theater director, based on the above photo and the detail that the heroine is a theater major. Also appearing will be Ivan Sergei, who played the titular “Danger” in the original. You might remember him from the more recent Lifetime movie Hidden Away.

The movie has reportedly wrapped and will premiere on Lifetime June 18. It sounds like James hinted at the movie's new subject matter while talking to TV critics back in January, saying it's similar to the original in some ways but that “it’s completely revamped.” Ha, reVAMPed. Like vampires. Get it? #Sigh.

James also called the movie “a very non-Lifetime movie on Lifetime.” At this point, though, Lifetime movies are so many things, I don't even know what that means. I'm going to refrain from getting my hopes up, though. I've been burned before.

(Photo: Twitter)