First Look: James Franco Makes A Good Hugh Hefner

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While some casting decisions for the upcoming Linda Lovelace movie Lovelace seem to be changing daily, James Franco is already donning his velvet top and puffy hair-do to portray Hugh Hefner in the film.

The swoopy hair actually seems to suit him. I think he should adopt it as his official literary style, wearing it to all his book signings and deep creative thinking sessions (which I believe he schedules weekly). What looks at first like Hugh's signature smoking jacket on closer examination seems to be a furry paisley V-neck, which seems like an interesting and still convincing costume choice.

I'm guessing the white scarf is a James rather than a Hugh accessory, because it seems to scream actor rather than Playboy, but I hope they do use it in the movie, it really completes the ensemble. As far as portraying Hugh I think more than an outfit it'll be the attitude that will make James' performance seem lifelike or fall flat, and while it's hard to tell in a still photo, it looks like James is ready to walk like a man with the keys to the Playboy Mansion.