James Franco Can Now Cross ‘Hiding From A Lawsuit’ Off His Bucket List

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James Franco getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame March 2013

James Franco is right there next to Gwyneth Paltrow on the list of celebrities whose lives endlessly entertain me. James Franco is a human bucket list. I'm serious. If you look at a picture of him with a magnifying glass, you can see papery fibers and scribbled goals. His left ear is made of “starring on a soap opera” and his right nipple is made of “asking people for money.” The list goes on and on and on until a complete James Franco is formed, under-eye circles and all. I'm guessing that for every item/body part he completes, he adds that body part to a brand new James Franco, and when it's finished it will complete the same bucket list items as the first Franco, and on and on to the end of time. That's just my theory, though.

I looks like Franco's clone will be getting another body part (I wanna say the pinkie toe on his left foot), because the man has managed to escape being served papers in a defamation lawsuit for 136 days. An NYU professor is trying to sue Franco for saying not-so-nice things about his teaching after he almost failed the class. According to The New York Post, lawyers can't find Franco to serve him the papers necessary to go through with the suit.

“Franco has hidden from service through a transient lifestyle, layers of security, and virtual places of business with no real address,” lawyer Russell Moriarty gripes in court papers filed this month.

Apparently back in April, Franco was filming in Brooklyn and had security prevent a messenger from getting close to him. He also apparently “hides behind people on the set” to avoid the papers. I love this little detail. I just imagine James Franco creeping up to Seth Rogen, who's probably in the middle of a conversation or preparing for a scene, and just ducking behind him, scrunching up his body to make himself as small as possible. “If I do this, I'll be invisible.”

The lawyers are also apparently monitoring Franco's Twitter account for clues about his whereabouts. As someone who follows James Franco on Twitter as a leftover piece of my college crush on him, I can attest that they're probably not going to find many clues, since his feed is pretty much just links to videos of himself doing artsy things and pleas for people to support his Indiegogo project. Although I notice that he has announced a London book signing. I guess he better find a very opaque person to hide behind.

(Photo: FayesVision/WENN.com)