25 Of James Franco’s Most WTF Instagram Moments

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James Franco selfie Instagram

James Franco is an interesting individual. There's really no arguing with that. He dabbles in a lot of things. If his resume ever gets too long — which it clearly already has — he should just hand out cards that read “James Franco, professional dabbler.” He tends to treat life in general as one big piece of performance art. It makes perfect sense for someone so caught up in the concept of his own identity and existence to be active on social media, especially Instagram, land of the selfies.

As of the time I'm writing this, James has posted 1,306 images/videos to Instagram. The selfie above is his most recent entry. And after scrolling through the entire collection so you didn't have to, I learned that his account is just as all-over-the-place and difficult to pin down as he is. Is he funny? Is he narcissistic? Is he insane? Is he brilliant? Is he all of the above? His posts vary from gratuitous selfies in bed to elaborately posed photos meant to make a statement to art pieces to weird reposts from other people. When you put it all together in one big collage it spells W-T-F.

We'd like to pay tribute to that by presenting the most WTF moments of them all, going backwards in time. Bear in mind this compilation doesn't even scratch the surface of his sprawling collection, and you should really check it out for yourself. Then let me know if you saw it too, because I'm worried I hallucinated it.

To begin, here's James with “My man, Gary Shteyngart – great writer, great teacher.” Also great matching pink bathrobe-wearer, apparently.

One of James' favorite things to do is promote his work. He also loves scribbling messily on pictures. Here's his post promoting his Vice review of Prisoners.

No Instagram would be complete without a little Oprah Winfrey fan fiction.

He also dabbles in Instagram videos. Here he is twerking with his co-star Joey King.

As in eye gook? I don't know what's happening here.

James also recently staged his own fake paparazzi photos and scribbled headlines on them. I actually kind of like these, even though they're completely nuts (squirrel pun intended).

James Franco loves his grandma, and she loves… his pillow face.

This picture came with the completely unhelpful caption “Fuck it” and will most definitely haunt my dreams.

To announce his new TV series about art, James posted images of himself photoshopped into famous paintings. Naturally.

If you think you're original when you draw horns on James Franco's picture, you are so wrong. James Franco was doing it before it was cool.

This had the caption “Vice.com,” so I assume he was promoting something, but… I'm so scared.

It's official. I will never sleep again.

I know you like to paint, James, but usually the paint is supposed to go on the canvas.

James is a big fan of posting pictures and videos from bed… probably because he's so exhausted from doing everything ever.

This was captioned, “Nana plastic surgery – for indiegogo.” From what I can tell, Nana is his hair stylist. She makes frequent appearances.

What kind of James Franco Instagram would it be if his little bro Dave didn't make a creepy cameo?

This one was captioned “Xxx Mexico xxx.”

In theory, this shouldn't be WTF. But because it's James Franco, it just is.

Back when Oz: The Great and Powerful was coming out, James would carry the doll version of himself everywhere. Even to his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

They also had story time together.

This was simply captioned, “Boob.”

Yes, you are looking at James Franco in a cupcake onesie.

James has unusual taste in ladies, it seems.

What do you say we all get together soon for a support group to deal with what we just saw? Bring snacks.

(Lead Photo: Instagram)