James Franco Better Watch Out, Because OMG That Teenager’s Grandma Is Pissed

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James Franco attending Homefront premiere in Las Vegas November 2013

You know what I just realized?  There just aren't enough stories about feisty grandmas on Crushable.  Well, all of that ends today folks!  Because the sweet Scottish granny of the teenager James Franco got jiggy creep with isn't exactly thrilled that her seventeen-year-old granddaughter is now the subject of international headlines because a thirty-five-year-old American movie star is a douche bag.

Beryl Sussex (Beryl. You guys…#icant #myheart) caught wind of this whole scandal and decided to speak out against James:

“I think he ought to get a slap on the wrist and I know my son, Lucy's dad, wouldn't be afraid to give it to him. It shows how little these famous actors know about normal people and how to behave. They're out of touch with reality.  Lucy isn't even 18. It's bad enough a man of his age is approaching her like this, never mind a movie star. I really take exception to this.I don't know this actor, at my age we don't keep up to speed, but it's quite clear his behaviour is not on.”

If you didn't read that in a stern, Scottish granny-ish brogue, you're doing it wrong.  [Also would have settled for Mrs. Doubtfire's northern English lilt.]  But seriously, can we all please agree that: a.) We wish this was still a PR stunt because that would mean it wasn't real and the heebie-jeebies we all have from this story aren't real; and b.) On a more serious note, don't you just feel kind of awful that this sweet, regular little family has to go through something like this?  I mean, this story hasn't reached the deepest Chris Hansen-level depths of all time, but still.  Ugh.

What I find really irksome is that James Franco gets to continue the publicity tour for his latest film, while this girl and her Nanny Beryl have to combat reporters from The Daily Mail and the two shillings of everyone in their hometown, probably.  Sigh.

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