James Franco In Talks To Play Hugh Hefner in Lovelace

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Can you imagine getting paid to hang around in bathrobes all day? It looks like that may be something James Franco has to look forward to as he's in talks to play Hugh Hefner in a Linda Lovelace biopic. (No, not that one… the other Linda Lovelace biopic.)

The movie James is being courted for is Lovelace starring Amanda Seyfriend. Which is not to be confused with Inferno, the film for which Malin Akerman famously replaced a drug-addled Lindsay Lohan for the lead role of. Inferno is based on Linda's own autobiography of her life in porn, while Lovelace is an original script. The former stars Matt Dillon as her husband and the other's got Peter Skarsgard. Confusing, I know.

But back to James Franco. The actor has played real people before (Allen Ginsburg, Aron Ralston) and I'd be curious to see him give Hef a chance. At least to add to a growing history of the man's bizarre sexual choices.

(via Vulture)