I’m Starting To Think James Franco’s Grandma Is His Greatest Asset

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Last night, James Franco was on Jimmy Kimmel Live promoting his new movie Oz The Great And Powerful. Showing his own weirdness dovetails nicely with that of the movie, Franco “arrived” in a hot air balloon, then proceeded to talk to Jimmy about all his various and sundry projects. As usual, he was very charming, but the person who really stole the show was James Franco's Grandma Mitzy, who I'm pretty sure is his secret weapon and greatest asset.

The show gave Grandma Mitzy a microphone, which was a good idea, as everything she says sounds simultaneously adorable, tough and old timey, even when it doesn't make sense. (Now you know where he gets it from.) They call her “Mitz the Vitz,” she noted, because “Vitz means son of a Vitz.” Okay!

According to Franco, his grandma was supposed to be in Oz, but she was a little too tall to be a munchkin so she might get edited out. And, as it turns out, she's been in a lot of his projects: a Robert Altman film (The Company?), as well as a film in which she played the matron of a crack den with one line, which she nailed: “ya owe me money, Bob.”

Franco moved on to talk about other grandma approved subjects like the classes he teaches and his Berlin art show called “Gaytown.” But I am now convinced: the reason he puts Mitz the Vitz in his movies is because everything is just better when she's around. Whether she is shaming people into seeing 120 Hours or simply being all cute and bad ass, James Franco's grandma improves his general appeal by a factor of ten with her awesomeness. And she knows it.

Part 2 (Gaytown):

Part 3 (contains a preview clip from Oz):

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