James Franco Is Not Letting His Name Stay On LiLo’s Sex List Without A Fight

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James Franco Is Not Letting His Name Stay On LiLo s Sex List Without A Fight James Franco closing eyes GIF gif(via)

I don’t mean to stereotype anybody, but if there was one person who I’d guess wouldn’t mind appearing on Lindsay Lohan‘s sex list, it’s James Franco. And yet, of all the gents whose names appear on that hallowed piece of paper, he’s the only one speaking up about it. And not just speaking up about it — making a whole lotta noise about how it definitely didn’t happen.

James went on The Howard Stern Show today, and ‘right off the bat’ he called LiLo ‘delusional’, declaring:

“I never had sex with Lindsay Lohan.”

Whoa man…not even a hi, hello, how are you? Yikes, dude! Did his ass even hit the chair before he crowed that out, or did he give Howard time to introduce him by name before offering to ‘swear on his mother’s life’ that his name shouldn’t be on the list? He admits that the two of them lived at the Chateau Marmont at the same time, and even made out once, but says it was because she ‘stalked’ him:

“She broke into my room at three in the morning.”

She broke into your room? Really? The hotel gave her a key to your room, so you read her a story instead of calling security? Because you’re a ‘nice guy’? That doesn’t add up. Nor does the fact that you used to refer to her as your friend, but now you say:

“Every time I’ve brought her into my life or tried to be nice, it’s just like turned really lame and stupid.”

Methinks he doth protest too much! And about such a weird thing! I feel like I’ve never seen him get this worked up before, even in some pretty intense, stressful situations, so I can’t figure it out.


I mean c’mon dude, you hosted an entire Oscar ceremony without ever even fully opening your eyeballs, and you had no issue admitting to sexually pursuing a seventeen-year old, so why is this the issue you’re choosing to go down fighting against? Now that Lindsay has admitted writing it and said it was a part of her treatment (a step in the program requires you to provide your sponsor with your ‘sexual inventory’), the only one really talking about it is…you.

So maybe quit it?