James Franco Continues Karaoke Bender With Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe’

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James Franco is on a regular lip syncing bender! In addition to Rihanna‘s “U Da One” and Selena Gomez‘s “Love You Like A Love Song,”, now he's recorded a video of himself and a lady friend lip syncing to Carly Rae Jepsen‘s “Call Me Maybe” in a car. And he really gets into this one.

As you can see starting around 1:30, James even tries to sing a bit, although the song is not really in his key. And despite the grainy quality of the video, he remains infuriatingly handsome throughout.

Three love songs in a row is no coincidence. Like his upcoming film Francophrenia, I'm thinking these videos might be a commentary on his coquettish relationship with the public and mainstream culture over the years. But while there's obviously an element of irony here, James looks genuinely stoked be bopping along to a pop song in a car, and there's something sweet about these videos' simplicity. Is it possible for them to operate as some sort of ironic performance art while at the same just just being fun?

More importantly: who will he take on next? Might I humbly suggest Mandy Moore for nostalgia, Miley Cyrus for topicality, and Rebecca Black for meta-commentary?

(Via JustJared; click over there for video)