James Franco Confuses Everyone As He Sings A Selena Gomez Song In Cornrows

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In an effort to get his fans' heads to explode with an implausible mash-up of pop culture, James Franco had himself video taped singing along to Selena Gomez's “Love You Like a Love Song” while wearing cornrows. Confused yet?

The interesting hair-style choice comes from his upcoming movie, Spring Breakers, which might have also introduced him to his song of choice; Selena stars in the film as well. James doesn't seem to be lost in song in the video, it's more of an example of one of his performance art pieces. He looks like he's really enjoying hamming it up for the camera. As a bonus if you're so inclined you can pretend he's not singing to the camera but directly to you.

Highlights of the clip include his dreamy, mesmerized head bobbing during the the softer vocals and his decision to end the little music video with some lip licking. The critics can say what they want, but you have to admit James Franco is never boring.