James Franco Dresses As Walter White And Carrie Bradshaw, Then Has Sex With Himself

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James Franco Breaking Sex mashup September 2015

Just when I think James Franco couldn't possibly get any weirder, he goes and proves me wrong. It somehow slipped my notice that he has an AOL webseries called Making a Scene that just premiered its second season. “What does he do on this show?” you might ask. “Does he pretend to have sex with himself while dressed as Carrie Bradshaw and Walter White or something? Hahaha, can you imagine? That would be such a James Franco thing to do.”

It's funny you should mention that scenario, because, while it definitely sounds like something you'd make up when joking abut James Franco's weirdness, that's literally the premise of the season two premiere. James is challenged to mash up Sex and the City with Breaking Bad, so obviously he casts himself as both Carrie and Walter and then has them do the do. And yes, they show it. With both of their faces in the frame. Whatever low-budget Parent Trap technology they used to achieve it makes James-as-Carrie's lower half invisible. It will haunt me for all eternity.

Weirdness aside, there is one genuinely entertaining aspect of this video, and that's Alicia Silverstone's cameo as Charlotte York. If you were worried all that vegan food had ruined her sense of humor, worry no more. She totally nails the role. I really want to watch a spin-off show now. Can we please make this happen? I'll even tolerate an occasional James-as-Carrie appearance. I said occasional, though, so keep that in mind. While we're waiting for that to be greenlit, you can watch a sneak peek of Breaking Sex below, but if you want to see the complete episode with a behind-the-scenes look at the production and an appearance from fake Aaron Paul, head on over to AOL.