So James Franco Still Plays With American Girl Dolls

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James Franco continues to be an enigma wrapped inside a mystery perched atop a conundrum. Yetersday the professor-student-actor-artist-filmmaker uploaded two photos to his tumblr that I didn't see coming. But that's because I was under the mistaken assumption that 33-year-old men don't play with dolls anymore.

I stand corrected. In two wonderfully artistic photos, James Franco poses his American Girl doll on the couch with an umbrella. It's great to see that he not only makes sure she's comfortably sitting on the couch, but he also makes sure she's ready for any inclement weather than could pop up. Not every doll owner prepares for spring showers.  (And with her luck it would rain during a photo shoot! So much for straightening her hair.)

As a former American Girl doll aficionado who only acknowledges the version of history presented in the American Girl book series, I'm going to have to say that this is not a doll from their historic collection. But rather one of their make your own dolls that you can create to look like whoever you want.

So the question now is, who is the original model that inspired this masterpiece of a doll? An actress? A student? A woman James Franco hallucinated when he was high on experimental film making?

Unless a woman with straight blonde hair, brown eyes and a puka shell necklace steps up and says she's the inspiration, we'll never know. Until then we'll just have to be comforted by the fact that our own American Girl dolls finally have a new playmate with celebrity connections.