Watch James Corden Try His Hardest To Sell Tyga A $13 Million House

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Watch James Corden Try His Hardest to Sell Tyga a  13 Million House james corden tyga 640x414 jpg

Sure, James Corden is quickly becoming one of our favorite late night hosts, but does that talent for chatting up celebs help when it comes to the cutthroat world of L.A. real estate? The Late Late Show host wanted to find out, so he teamed up with Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles star James Harris to show some pricey houses. James’s first client is rapper/occasional Kylie Jenner boyfriend Tyga, who is probably just looking for some place as far away from Calabasas as he can possibly find.

James thinks he has the perfect place for Tyga- a $13 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills. He shows him through the house trying to come up with some realtor lingo to impress the rapper (ever heard of a Juliette Binoche staircase? it’s just lovely). He then tries to bring a little MTV Cribs flavor to the proceedings by showing off something he knows Tyga will “flip for”- a brand new washer and dryer! Although judging by Tyga’s reaction the last time he did his own laundry was the late 2000s because he looks at the appliances with the same “what am I supposed to with this?” look I give my roommate’s juicer.

James’s professionalism as a realtor kinda falls off after that with him ragging on the uncomfortable couches and making sure the “facilities” work. Safe to say, after that it doesn’t look like Tyga will be calling the place home anytime soon. The house did eventually sell as James Harris and his partner David Parnes later tell James, although they admit he should probably “keep [his] night job.”

Part 1 of James’s realtor adventures is below, part 2 will air tonight.