James Corden Got Stood Up at the Grammys by Rihanna, and LL Cool J Saved Him

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James Corden Late Late Show post-Grammys 2016

Last night James Corden hosted a post-Grammys edition of The Late Late Show while still dressed in the tux he wore to the awards. As he explained to his audience, he was there to introduce Rihanna's performance of “Kiss It Better,” which unfortunately didn't end up happening. James explains that Rihanna was planning an '80s talk show theme for her performance, and he would be the host, complete with “funny glasses” and a custom-fitted suit he was measured for yesterday morning.

He was really excited to do it and walked the red carpet talking about what they had planned, before getting to the end and finding out that Rihanna canceled the performance because her doctor advised against singing. No, James didn't end up performing in her place, as he initially thought. It's a shame too, because he had just gotten a wax and, as he demonstrates, he does such a great rendition of “Bitch Better Have My Money.” Just when James was thinking he got all dressed up for nothing, Grammys host LL Cool J swooped in and offered to let James present the Lionel Richie tribute with him, because LL is cool (J).

I know I'm not the only one thinking James just lived out the plot of Pretty in Pink, with Rihanna as his Blane and LL Cool J as his Duckie. The only difference is that things didn't end with Rihanna and James making out in the parking lot. Unless it did and we just didn't see it. And as far as we know James didn't sew his tuxedo himself. And I'm not sure LL Cool J ever covered “Try a Little Tenderness.” But other than that it's exactly the same. So James still got the '80s vibe he was planning for. It just wasn't what he expected.