Watch James Corden Play Hide-and-Seek With Celebrities in a Fan’s House

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James Corden Late Late Show NataliesHouse 2016

Last night marked the one-year anniversary of James Corden hosting The Late Late Show, and to celebrate, James decided to take the show on the road and host an entire episode in a fan's house. Or rather, four fans' house. He roamed around an LA neighborhood knocking on a few doors and getting a few polite rejections until he finally happened upon the home of Natalie, Melody, Taylor, and Adam, who were all extremely welcoming of James, his crew, his bandleader Reggie Watts, and his celebrity guests Colin Farrell, Wanda Sykes and Demi Lovato.

Unfortunately there was no carpool karaoke to be done, because, well, they weren't in a car. But they did play a game of hide-and-seek, so that's almost as good. Natalie, Colin, Wanda, Demi and Reggie all hid somewhere in the house, and it was James' challenge to find them. Perhaps the funniest part of the whole shebang is that Wanda hides in plain sight, taking Reggie's place right there in the living room, and she's one of the last people James finds. So there's a little tip for those of you playing hide-and-seek sometime soon.

James manages to find them all, including Demi, who climbed a very treacherous-looking ladder in order to curl up in the house's storage space. Then after he finds her, James knocks down the curtains, so letting a TV show into your home definitely has its risks. But he agreed to officiate the upcoming wedding of Taylor and Adam, so I'd say that makes up for it. You can watch James search for #NataliesHouse, and then witness the hide-and-seek magic, in the videos below. And if you live near James' studio, maybe start dressing up at home in case he decides to film in your house next.