Judge All You Want, But James Blunt Just Won The Internet For Today

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james blunt 171011Just when you thought it was safe to write off James Blunt as merely the washed-up musician of your semi-distant young adulthood responsible for the impressively overplayed song You're Beautiful, he goes and surprises us. Granted, he is still all of those things, but he's also self-aware, aka he gets all the cool points that I can muster today. Which, to be fair, isn't a lot of cool points because it's the Tuesday after a three-day weekend, but it's still more than I was expecting to give out today, so get on board.

While contentedly scrolling through Twitter one day searching for his own name, James Blunt came across a distressing sight — @katy_nicolson didn't like his music, and she proved it by tweeting, ‘Can we all take a moment and remember just how terrible James Blunt was'. Oh my goodness. What a trying day this must have been for poor James, just sitting at his computer weeping. Because if preteens don't like him, don't nobody like him, and that is some truth. Well actually suburban moms probably still like him. And his friends and family. And he might be so unpopular that it's actually trendy to like him again in Williamsburg and stuff, like PBR. I don't know.

ANYWAY. Not the point. The point is, James Blunt took a run-of-the-mill tweet from a dissatisfied non-fan person and turned it into the best thing ever on the internet today. This is what he tweeted in response:

James BluntYes. YESSSS. There is nothing better than this. There really isn't. I'm a sucker for self-aware celebrities who can laugh at themselves, and when you add on an all-caps statement promoting your new album via reminding everyone how terrible you are, I'm essentially in love. It's safe to say you caught my eye as you walked on by, James. And that is officially the last time I will ever quote that song. You're welcome, buddy. You earned it.

(Image: Rui M. Leal / WENN.com)