Jake Gyllenhaal Bites Back At Amy Schumer For Eating His Cake And Answers An Age Old Question

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Jake Gyllenhaal Bites Back at Amy Schumer for Eating His Cake and Answers an Age Old Question GettyImages 488396394 jpg

One thing I have literally always wondered is about the weirdness in Hollywood when it comes to famous people meeting other famous people. That has to be such an odd thing — if you’re famous and you’re at an event, or a party, or even just running errands and you spot another famous person — do you act like you know the person because you’re in a similar profession and likely have similar surrounding circles? Does Jake Gyllenhaal introduce himself to someone and say, “Hi, I’m Jake” when that person clearly already knows who he is?

Or worse. What happens if you’re famous and you run into another famous person but you DON’T know who they are? If Jake Gyllenhaal ran into someone from Jersey Shore but has never heard of them, and The Situation acts as if Jake would know who he is, would that just make for the most awkward interaction ever? (Note, I’m just assuming that Jake Gyllenhaal never watched Jersey Shore but it’s entirely possible he did. Jake, please clear the air for me.)

Stephen Colbert had these same questions and asked Jake about it on his show last night, because Amy Schumer was just on the show and mentioned that she and her sister used to rent Jake’s house. She also said that she found a half-eaten birthday cake in the freezer that she assumes was Jake’s and she drunkenly ate it.

Jake said, “what people don’t know is, that everybody in Hollywood just lives in the same house. That’s why we’re all so nice to each other. That’s why we all love each other so much, and everybody’s so great, because we all live in the same house.” It all makes sense now!

I’m also a little bit confused because Stephen called it a birthday cheesecake but it doesn’t really LOOK like a cheesecake in the video (and, also, who gets a cheesecake with “Happy Birthday” written on it? I love me some cheesecake, but that’s actually really odd.)

Stephen brought Jake another half-eaten cake for him to bite into and to say hi to Amy, and he brought the LOLs. I mostly have to give Amy credit for actually eating the cake, no matter how drunk she likely was. I have the top tier of my wedding cake in my freezer currently for that weird ass “one year anniversary” tradition and I’m actually terrified that when we unwrap the foil that a colony of maggots is going to spill out of it or something equally disgusting. I’ve been watching A LOT of American Horror Story these days, so forgive me.

Anyway, check out the clip here. If I weren’t such a germaphobe, I probably would actually bite that cake exactly where Jake did, because it’s Jake Gyllenhaal amirite? but then, ew. I just grossed myself out even more. Sorry.

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