Jake Gyllenhaal Talking About His Failed Auditions Will Make You Wonder How He’s Gotten Any Work

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Jake Gyllenhaal Talking About His Failed Auditions Will Make You Wonder How He s Gotten Any Work Jake Gyllenhaal Jimmy Fallon March 2016 jpg

Failed auditions seem to be a pretty popular late-night interview subject. It’s okay for celebrities to talk about their past hiccups, because now they’re famous and successful and have presumably gotten past all that awkwardness, and talking about their early failures makes them seem more human. In Jake Gyllenhaal’s case, the stories he told Jimmy Fallon last night about the auditions he didn’t exactly nail will have you wondering how he ever got an acting job at all. Because they sound rough.

One of the movies Jake auditioned for was The Lord of the Rings, in the part of Frodo. I can’t imagine that at all, but then again I can’t imagine anyone in any of the roles in that trilogy other than the people who already are, so I won’t hold that against Jake. On the other hand, something that Jake really should hold against his agents was the fact that they didn’t tell him he needed to do an accent or give him any other type of preparation before the audition. Jake claims that Peter Jackson facepalmed and told him “You are the worst actor I have ever seen.” I have a hard time believing that, so maybe Jake’s shame just created that detail over the years.

Jake also talks about auditioning for Dude, Where’s My Car?, which I have an easier time imagining. Jake explains that he thought it would be really original if he did a sibilant s. (He actually says “silibant,” but that’s okay, I forgive him.) He seriously thought that was exactly what the producers wanted, bless his heart. Needless to say, they asked him to do it differently, but he still didn’t get it. How he ever got enough parts to be sitting in Jimmy Fallon’s guest chair in the first place is beyond me.