Can Someone Explain To Me What Jaden Smith Is Doing In London?

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Jaden Smith in London to promote After Earth May 2013Jaden Smith may not be officially emancipated from his parents, but that doesn't seem to be preventing him from doing whatever the eff he wants. Let's bear in mind that this kid is only fifteen years old, which is why I find it fairly strange that he's off in London just casually grabbing dinner with Selena Gomez. Let me tell you what I was doing at age fifteen — BEING DEPRESSED…I mean GOING TO SCHOOL. Also some extensive extracurricular activities, none of which involved jetting off to European countries on the regular. And if I did fly anywhere, guess who went with me? My parents. Given, Will Smith might be lurking around somewhere, because I think the two of them are promoting¬†After Earth right now, but I prefer my version of events, so let's go with that.

Whereas normal fifteen year olds go out on a Friday night with maybe a 1:00am curfew (maybe?), I feel like Jaden goes out on a Friday night and gets a Tuesday night curfew. Like Will and Jada are like, “Do your thing, but make sure you're back in five days. Sorry to be so strict, it's just we have an all-night dinner party to go to next week, and we need you to keep an eye on Willow. I mean if you can find her. If you can't, no worries.”

Also Selena, what the eff? It's been a few years since I was twenty, but as I recall, I wasn't super eager to hang out with fifteen-year olds. I feel like that's a pretty significant age difference, but what do I know? My parents always insisted I be home the same night I went out. SO LAME.

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