Jaden Smith Stands Up For A Female Fan In The Absolute Worst Way Possible

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Jaden Smith Instagram photo call girl fat female fan response inappropriate "lil ass girl MSFTS cum"OK, before delving into the wtf part of this story, we should give Jaden Smith props for coming to the defense of his young female fans. When one girl (@jacobs_princ3ss) posted a comment on Jaden's recent Instagram photo calling another girl fat, the 14-year-old pop star made it clear that he wouldn't tolerate that kind of bullying and body-shaming on his smart phone pics.

Unfortunately, he made his point by posting a wildly inappropriate, lewd, sexist response. Yes, that's him as @letsmakeitdotorg. Yes, this is real (and possibly NSFW, depending how prudish your office is about Instagram insults):

Jaden Smith Instagram photo call girl fat female fan response inappropriate "lil ass girl MSFTS cumThe overwhelming response seems to be people laughing at Jaden's attempts to be all badass… but also, we're letting out a collective “the fuck?” Because this is seriously the worst way he could have responded. How are you supposed to take seriously a message about respecting women when he tells someone to drink his cum? Oh, and let's not forget the extra-creepy dig at jacobs_princ3ss' little sister. I'm sure Jaden's 12-year-old sister Willow Smith appreciated that one.

Just… I know that Will and Jada are pretty hands-off with their kids, but I hope they see this and reel him in. It's not even the message itself, but the fact that he thought it was a totally logical and appropriate way to shove back at a foulmouthed fan.

No apology from Jaden yet, just a vague tweet that sounds like he's rejecting the old name for his fanbase:

Jadenators Are Old…….Where My Msfts At

Sigh. Maybe we want the Jadenators back if it means he won't be jumping straight to creepy, sexist Instagram comments.

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Photo: Dominic Chan/WENN.com