Jaden Smith’s Choice Of Favorite Movies Might Be The Weirdest Thing About Him

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Jaden Smith s Choice of Favorite Movies Might Be the Weirdest Thing About Him Jaden Smith 2014 American Music Awards November 2014 jpg

There are only a few certain things in this world — death, taxes, that Niall is the best member of One Direction, and that Jaden Smith is a weirdo. Don’t spend more than thirty seconds scrolling his tweets unless you want your brain to literally flip itself over in your skull.

But just when I thought this was the weirdest all-caps thing I’d ever read from him

he went and topped himself by talking about his favorite movies. You might think he’d choose something like 2001: A Space Odyssey or some obscure experimental film where a guy eats soup for three hours straight. But those things are way too predictable. They’re exactly the types of movies you’d expect Jaden to like, therefore they’re not really that weird. But you know what would be weird movies for Jaden to like? The Age of Adaline and Twilight. Seriously.

Here’s what Jaden tweeted about his cinematic preferences earlier this afternoon.

That’s right. Jaden Smith thinks The Age of Adaline, that movie about Blake Lively not aging, is the best movie he’s ever seen, excluding Twilight. EXCLUDING TWILIGHT. That’s really the icing on the cake, if you ask me. He could have said literally any movie in the first part of the tweet. He could have said Citizen Kane or The Godfather or Mean Girls or any acclaimed and beloved movie. But as soon as he adds “excluding Twilight” onto it, it automatically negates whatever taste you thought he possessed a few words earlier.

If anyone else had tweeted this, I would just assume they were being sarcastic. But this is Jaden Smith, so I’m picturing him watching Blake Lively’s changing hairstyles and thinking to himself, “Wow, This Movie Is Tight, But It Would Be Ever Tighter If There Were Vampires And Kristen Stewart Being Awkward.” Because yes, I assume that even Jaden Smith’s thoughts are in all caps.

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