Is It Just Me, Or Did Jada Pinkett-Smith Get Her Daughter Willow’s Haircut By Mistake?

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Jada Pinkett-Smith new haircut at November 2013 eventI can't prove that Jada Pinkett-Smith thinks that she switched bodies with her daughter Willow Smith, but this new haircut of hers is the strongest evidence I've seen so far.

Jada showed up at a ‘Make Equality Reality' event in Beverly Hills last night with the sides of her head shaved and dyed blond, and the rest of her hair in a more natural color and a pompadoured ponytail. It's a fun new ‘do just perfect for a forty-two year old woman hoping to stumble across a magical spell that helps her trade places with her thirteen year old daughter.

After all, remember how much attention she got a couple years ago just from letting Willow shave her head? My god, it was a frenzy! The energy from all the blog posts, paparazzi flashbulbs, and media criticism was enough to parent Willow and Jaden for like two months! (Which was a very foreign concept to them, as it is widely known that the Smith Family scorns any and all adult intervention. Smith Parents may communicate with Smith Children only through published quotes in interviews, by obtaining costarring roles in movies, or via nationally-televised open-mouthed kissing. The rules are very clear.)

It remains to be seen whether this drastic act on Jada's part will be enough to grant her the ability to physically flit back and forth between being a thirteen year old kid and being a forty-two year old mom…but regardless, I'm pretty sure she'll keep doing it in spirit. Because adults can whip their hair back and forth too, guys, okay?!?! JEEZ.

(Image: FayesVision / WENN.com)