Jacqueline Laurita Calls Teresa Giudice ‘Scum’ For Allegedly Revealing Melissa Gorga’s Stripper Past

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Jacqueline Laurita Calls Teresa Giudice  Scum  For Allegedly Revealing Melissa Gorga s Stripper Past alg nj housewives jpgSo now we know what Jacqueline Laurita‘s Twitter rant last week was about: The “set-up” she referenced involved shooting a season 4 episode where the Real Housewives of New Jersey producers arranged for Melissa Gorga‘s ex-boss — from the Lookers strip club — to show up at an event, embarrassing the newest Housewife. And Jacqueline’s sure that Teresa Giudice masterminded the whole thing.

Let’s start at the beginning. Jacqueline made it sound like she wants to quit RHONJ, saying “I can’t be part of the Charade anymore” and “SOME people live a different life OFF camera than they do on. (ahem).” HuffPo quickly deduced the situation that prompted Jacqueline’s tweeting frenzy, from an insider source: Bravo arranged for Angelo Voorhees, Melissa’s ex-boss from the Lookers Gentlemen’s Club, to attend the Posche fashion show where the ladies were taping. Here’s what the insider had to say:

“No one knew him, no one knew he was coming — although, of course Bravo had a microphone on him — and Melissa ran away from him and refused to film with him. The producers made Teresa talk to him to ‘hear him out,’ so his accusations would be aired on camera, but Teresa stopped him mid-story and told him to not talk about her family and left.

“Melissa doesn’t want her new besties, Caroline and Jacqueline, to know about her past (including who paid for her fake boobs), so she came back to the table and told everyone that Teresa had set her up. Teresa had nothing to do with it, but Jac and Caroline were more than ready to go with it because it makes Teresa look bad. And Bravo will never admit they set it up like they set up Danielle, whose past was also ‘accidentally’ discovered.”

Bravo claims that they didn’t orchestrate anything and simply said, “Our cameras document the lives of these ladies.” That must be enough to convince Jacqueline, because she took to Twitter over the weekend to bash Teresa. She tweeted a long message where she says that Teresa’s been plotting this for a long time:

Lie! Teresa told me that “rumor” about Melissa when she first started on the show. She wanted to out her then. She knew. She plotted it. She played dumb on camera and even defended Melissa… There is even a lot more to the story that will eventually come out. Be patient. She’s no good and yes… She has stabbed me in the back PLENTY of times. I’m not so forgiving anymore.

So here’s where we’re at: HuffPo’s insider says that it was the producers who brought in Melissa’s old boss and Teresa had nothing to do with it; Jacqueline says that Teresa set up Melissa, and “a source” confirmed the same to Us Weekly. Oh, and Larry Guarino from Lookers says that Melissa was just a bartender, never a stripper. Whew!

Are we the only ones who think this is coming out of nowhere? Obviously there’s always been questions about Teresa’s sincerity; for the most part, she’s the one who finds reasons to pick fights with Melissa and her brother Joe Gorga even when they extend the olive branch. But I’m talking more about Teresa and Jacqueline. I’m behind an episode or two, but earlier this season they seemed pretty buddy-buddy; Jacqueline was always Teresa’s sounding board when she had problems with Melissa. Sure, they had their passive-aggressive snipping (like when Teresa pouted that Jacqueline’s Nutella pizza won over her traditional pie), but nothing this big.

So here’s another theory: Bravo gave them both parts to play, and they’re just going along with some bigger plotline.