Jacob Butler Gets International Songwriting Nod, Ready for Ramsey Street

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We’re just one day away from the Australian Idol grand final, so it’s exciting to look back and see the success of past contestants. Jacob Butler’s track “Coma” has just been nominated for the prestigious International Independent Singer Songwriter Association Song Contest.

“Coma” received a nod in the Adult Contemporary category. This comes after the song debuted at number nine on the AIR Independent chart earlier this year. The most exciting thing is that there’s more where that came from. “Coma” is the first single lifted from Jacob’s debut album Reason, which is set to hit record stores in 2010.

You might remember that the music video for “Coma” featured ex-Neighbours star Pippa Black. It seems she might have put in a good word for Jacob before leaving Ramsey Street, because he’ll play “Coma” on the show. Jacob will hit Charlie’s Bar in an episode airing on January 20. It looks like he went down a treat with Dr Karl, Susan, and Toadie!


Image used with permission from Repertoire Publicity