Members Of Jackson Family ‘Ambush’ Michael’s Kids, May Have Kidnapped Their Own Mother

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The family drama surrounding Michael Jackson‘s (R.I.P.) massive estate just keeps getting weirder. First, grandma Katherine Jackson went missing, potentially as part of some evil plot on the part of the other Jacksons to have the kids taken away from her. (More on that later.) Now, a group of family members has reportedly “ambushed” the kids outside of Katherine's house in an effort to…we don't really know! But I'm willing to bet it was about the money. (It's always about the money.)

According to TMZ, Paris, Prince, and Blanket Jackson were coming home to grandma's house in an SUV when a car containing “certain Jackson family members” (thought to be JermaineRandy and Janet) followed them in. They greeted them in a friendly manner at first, but then a struggle ensued, with family members trying to take the kids' cell phones away. The kids were then whisked away by security to “a safe location.” Katherine Jackson's attorney released the following version of events:

Yesterday afternoon certain Jackson family members ambushed Katherine Jackson’s home after their vehicle tore through security gates on the tails of the SUV containing Michael Jackson’s children.

After exiting their vehicles, Jackson family members ran up to Michael’s children as they yelled and began to aggressively grab at the cell phones in their hands. Out of concern for the well being of Prince, Paris, and Blanket Jackson, the children were forced to temporarily leave their home and taken to a safe location.  An altercation ensued shortly thereafter and law enforcement arrived at the scene.

Following the incident, it was learned that one of the family members who was part of the ambush admitted that a plan has been in place for the last three years to remove Katherine Jackson from her home and her beloved grandchildren.

PrinceParis, and Blanket Jackson have not heard from their grandmother since she left their home nine days ago to attend a series of her sons’ concerts on their Unity Tour. She never made the shows. Despite efforts to interview Katherine Jackson at her current location in Arizona yesterday, Los Angeles County Sheriffs confirmed that they were denied access to Mrs. Jackson by security for one of her children.

What exactly were they hoping to accomplish by this? RadarOnline reports that Janet was mad at Paris for posting family information to her Twitter account, but even if she had a point, that is not how you handle such an issue. Radar also reports that Michael's siblings were trying to take the kids out of the state and to Arizona, perhaps to the same place Katherine Jackson is now. (Police attempts to talk to Katherine have thus far been thwarted by her greedy spawn's security.)

Janet's issues with Paris's use of twitter may have something to do with her very public wondering where her grandmother (and current legal guardian) has gone, which is looking shadier and shadier. Here are her last few tweets:

What the fuck is going on? Where is Katherine Jackson? Why hasn't Paris been able to reach her? I wouldn't be surprised if it required a judge to sort it all out. One thing's for sure, though: it's got to be incredibly hard on the kids to be caught in the middle of this. Their aunts and uncles should be trying to protect them, not pulling weird, undermine-y tricks.

UPDATE: The children's 34-year-old cousin Tito Joe Jackson, who believes Katherine has effectively been kidnapped by her own children, has applied for temporary guardianship of them. He was apparently also Kim Kardashian‘s first love, but we won't hold that against him.

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