Video: Kenneth From 30 Rock And Triumph The Insult Comedy Dog Visit Chicago’s Most Verbally Abusive Hot Dog Stand

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The night before last on Late Night With Conan O'Brien, Jack McBrayer (a.k.a. Kenneth from 30 Rock) joined Conan in Chicago, where McBrayer first came up in the comedy world via his work with Second City.

His whole appearance was delightful, but my favorite part was definitely the sketch in which Conan sends Jack to Chicago's (and probably the world's) most notorious hot dog stand the Weiner's Circle for some good, old fashioned, verbal abuse. As can be predicted, the counter service people eat him alive, then accuse him of being on meth when he starts to sweat. Eventually, he's had enough. “You're being very rude,” he says. “I'm going to leave. I'm coming back with a friend, and you will be very sorry.”

That “friend” turns out to be none other than Triumph The Insult Comedy Dog, whose act, while puerile, is the perfect counterpoint to Jacks relentless niceness. Who gets the better of whom in the epic battle of wits that ensues? Watch and see.

(Via TeamCoco)