It’s Never Too Soon to Speculate About Future ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Contestants

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The next season of Dancing with the Stars kicks off on September 19, which means there's still plenty of time to speculate about which has-beens and never-weres will get cast this year. Hollywood Hiccups rounds up some of the rumored celebs, including:

  • Dina Lohan
  • Snooki
  • Mike Tyson
  • Christina Milian
  • Ashley Hebert
  • Rob Kardashian

Some of these seem more likely than others. Dina Lohan has probably made her agent call the show every fifteen minutes, so I'd trace the source of those rumors about her casting right back to Dina herself. Rob's sister Kim Kardashian already did the show, and Snooki seems like a good pick since her costar The Situation was on a few seasons ago. The Ashley Hebert rumor seems plausible, since The Bachelorette and DWTS are both ABC properties and the network loves to keep it in the family. Plus, previous Bachelor castoff Melissa Rycroft did really well on the show and parlayed her success into some TV hosting work. As for Mike Tyson? He's trying to have a comeback/redemption with his new reality show, and this seems like a thing he could do on the comeback tour. (Oh, and I'm sure Dancing will love mentioning how Evander Holyfield was on the very first season, alongside … former Bachelorette Trista Sutter. God, this show is incestuous.)

Who would you like to see on Dancing? I've been wanting Linda Blair for some reason – probably because nostalgia contestans like Jennifer Grey and Donny Osmond do really well on this show, and I am curious about where she's been and what she has been up to. I also want Lark Voorhies, because I love '90s TV stars and she has really dropped off the face of the earth, plus the Saved By the Bell episode where she sprained her leg and danced anyway was awesome.