It’s Britney Witch Could Be The Best Thing Britney’s Ever Done, And That Includes Crossroads

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it's britney witch gif

While you spent Halloween: Part One counting the number of Breaking Bad costumes within 20 feet of you, Britney Spears spent it making a video with Nick Grimshaw called It's Britney Witch! In case you just woke up from a 200 year nap and don't get it, it's a parody of “It's Britney, Bitch!” It's also weirdly a tribute to Michael Jackson's “Thriller.” A song that I think got tributed enough in 13 Going on 30. But look guys, I don't make the news, I just report it as professionally as possible.

If BBC One's Nick Grimshaw had consulted with me before he made this parody, I would've suggested that they keep MJ out of it. “More crossroads,” I would have said confidentially, “you need at least 6 more crossroads. And one Jessica Biel lookalike for a hair pulling scene that I've envisioned for years.” But alas, he did not consult me. Maybe next time.

For now, here's what we have:

Even though I think Brit peaked when she wrote “Email My Heart,” I also think it's neat that she's still out there making music. I think it's even neater that she always seems game for anything. Judge X Factor? Sure! Write a song for the Smurfs sequel? Why not! Whip people in a music video? Def! Participate in a Halloween parody that doesn't exactly make sense? You had me at partic!”

Sure this might not go as viral as Hocus Pocus and the City, but I don't know any mortals who can turn down a Britney/Witch/MJ mash-up during Halloween week. Especially when it results in mesmerizing gifs like this one.

(GIF: Tumblr)