It Sounds Like Taylor Armstrong’s Life Coach Melanie Mar Is Criticizing The Other Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Stars

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We recently learned that Bravo will air Taylor and Russell Armstrong‘s therapy sessions as part of this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Those sessions take place with a marriage counselor, two episodes ago we saw footage of Taylor interacting with her life coach (and former model) Melanie Mar.

CupidsPulse.com got an exclusive interview with Melanie where she spoke about her relationship to the couple, and especially to Taylor; she soon switched from working with both of them to advising Taylor only, after Taylor revealed the details of Russell's abuse to Melanie. But what's most fascinating in the interview is that it sure sounds like Melanie is bashing Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, and the other Beverly Hills ladies.

While she obviously didn't call out any of the women specifically, it certainly sounded like her view on Taylor's situation is completely opposite to theirs. There were two quotes in particular that made gave us this idea. First you have Melanie in favor of Taylor fixing her marriage with Russell, despite knowing about the abuse, when the other Housewives were advising Taylor to cut and run simply because they thought that emotionally she was in pain:

On the episode it appeared that you were trying to help Taylor with her marriage, not sway her to leave like the rest of the women were convincing her to do. Can you tell us more about that?

I work with what I have. If someone tells me they will do anything to make their marriage work, then I will do my utmost to give them all the tools, information and support necessary to make it possible. If someone tells me they want to leave their marriage, I will give them all the tools, information and support to make it possible. I cannot tell anyone what to do – they have to tell me what they want to do and my job then is to assist them in getting there.

The second interesting question-and-answer is much more vague, but who else could Melanie be talking about but her high-profile client and her co-stars?

What are some reasons a person would hire a life coach?

Everybody needs to talk to someone during trials — it is unhealthy to suffer in silence. However, most people, particularly women, who share their intimate problems do so with several people. This causes more confusion because everyone is giving different and uneducated advice. I am unbiased and am certified in what I do. My coaching is based on scientific studies. I teach specific tools to enable my clients to take control of their life, to get what they want by knowing what they don’t want.

Melanie is not currently acting as Taylor's life coach; she says that she hasn't seen Taylor since the funeral, “but she knows I am here for her when she is ready to talk privately.” We'll be curious to see if Melanie pops up on any future episodes of RHOBH, especially as the season winds to the grim inevitability of the Armstrongs' divorce and Russell's suicide.