All Of Bachelorette Star Isla Fisher’s Friends Just Assumed She’d Already Tried Coke

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Isla Fisher Bachelorette coke Chelsea Lately videoWhile watching Leslye Headland‘s darkly funny mean-girls movie Bachelorette with my roommates, we were all split on our favorite characters. One pointed out that Kirsten Dunst plays such a great bitch in queen bee Regan; personally, I couldn't get enough of Lizzy Caplan as Gena; and the other roomie was convinced that Isla Fisher‘s trainwreck Katie was the best part of the movie. To be fair, all three do a superb job of being funny while trashed and/or high on various drugs.

Bachelorette began its life as part of Headland's Seven Deadly Play series: Each one tackled a different human failing, with Bachelorette representing gluttony. You might have thought that wrath or envy would be more appropriate, but it's “the B-faces'” (the name of their high-school clique) substance abuse that highlights how fake their friendship to Rebel Wilson‘s overweight bride is. Or as the Washington Examiner described them, “extravagant, nearly incredible characters, who exist in catty, exaggerated relief while their gluttony utterly dehumanizes them.”

With that in mind, Isla and Lizzy especially had to practice their fake cocaine benders, since it's rare that we don't see them furtively snorting something over the course of the movie's adventures. But on Chelsea Lately last night, Isla shared an interesting fact with Chelsea Handler: She's actually never tried the stuff, so it was pure acting.

I mean, or so she says. If we're being really cynical, we have to assume that everyone in Hollywood has tried coke at least once, right? Of course, Isla and husband Sacha Baron Cohen don't spend too much time in the States unless they're promoting new movies. That's the cool thing about Isla—even though we know her only by utterly outrageous roles (Wedding Crashers, Confessions of a Shopaholic), she actually comes across as so down-to-earth. So, I'm tempted to believe her, especially when she laughs about all of her friends assuming that, as she got more famous across the pond, she'd indulged in some Hollywood fun.

Either way, they're not going for the utmost authenticity in the movie. One of the friends I watched it with remarked, “No one I know who's been on coke has acted like that”—which was to say, Isla and Lizzy are manic and chattery for most of the movie. Basically, the Hollywood cliche of someone who's inhaled a bag of powder. But it still works; their utter obliviousness to what assholes they're being, and the reaction shots from everyone they come across, make up some of the funniest parts. Check out the red band trailer and see how convincing they are:

Bachelorette is available on On Demand and iTunes now, so go watch it as soon as possible!

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