Is This A Photo Of Juliette Lewis Having Sex With Terry Richardson?

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A picture hit the internet today that many are saying is of Juliette Lewis having sex with infamously pervy photographer Terry Richardson. Has Uncle Terry finally begun successfully coercing famous people to have sex with him on camera in addition to all the non-famous ones? Or is this just a picture of him having sex with some random model who just happens to look a lot like Juliette Lewis? Here are some points for and against. (Click over to this very NSFW post on Fleshbot if you'd like to see the un-censored version.)

Pro: We know Juliette Lewis did a shoot with him in which things got sensual, at the very least:

Con: The naked chick's hair looks a little bit longer than Juliette's does here, and her eyebrows look more roundly arched. Then again, the photo could be from a different session when Juliette was wearing her hair/eyebrows differently.

Con: A look at her topless scene in the movie Strange Days (link obviously NSFW) shows Juliette to have slightly smaller boobs than the woman in the photo.

Pro: Her boobs could've gotten a little bit bigger due to weight gain, hormonal birth control, or all kinds of factors. It's not that big a difference in size.

Con: I'm pretty sure Juliette Lewis doesn't have a double chin.

Pro: Uncle Terry likes to shoot women from the least flattering angles possible. Through the miracle of shitty photography, anyone can have a double chin, even a tiny Hollywood actress! [tagbox tag=”Terry Richardson”]

Con: Folks are saying it's model Susan Eldridge, whom Terry used to date.

Pro: Here is a photo of Susan Eldridge taken from a similar angle (link NFSW). She looks pretty different from the woman in the above picture.

Pro: Juliette Lewis, a Scientologist, is demonstrably insane. Insane enough to trust Terry Richardson with a sex photo of her?

Con: Terry Richardson is positively lousy with negative thetans.

And now for one last big pro. Here's the email Juliette Lewis' publicist sent Gawker earlier today:

From: Carleen <[redacted]>
Date: Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 12:08 PM
Subject: URGENT: Juliette Lewis
To: “legal@gawker.com”


I am Juliette Lewis' publicist. The image that you have on your site right now is not of her. I need it taken down immediately and the story retracted.

It is correct that she did a shoot with Terry several years ago but this is absolutely not a shot from that shoot nor does this image even have her in it.

Please confirm you received this email and that the image/ story will be taken down.

If it's not Juliette Lewis in the picture, why would her publicist care whether or not it remains on the internet? As much as I'd like to think she's concerned for whatever poor Juliette doppelganger Uncle Terry coerced into such a compromising position, I'm thinking this is the confirmation we were waiting for.

Conclusion: That really is a photo of Terry Richardson boning Juliette Lewis in a most uncomfortable-looking position. Thanks for the help, Carleen!

(Via Gawker)