Is Sherri Shepherd really this stupid?

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sherri-shepherd.pngFor reals, yall. Is it THAT DAMN HARD to find a woman in her 30's who's well-spoken, intelligent, and can actually talk like she hasn't had multiple frontal lobotomies? Is someone double-dog-daring Sherri Shepherd to say all this incredibly moronic stuff in front of millions of people every day? I mean, seriously…how much is this cheeseball getting paid. I'll do the job for 1/3 the money and believe me, I won't be going around saying dumbass things like this newest bon mot:

Here's what resident “The View” genius, Sherri Shepherd, said yesterday on the show, “There is a picture of me with Shirley Caesar, who is like the black Patti Labelle. Whoopi had to remind Sherri that Patti LaBelle is black.
Barbara Walters chimed in with, “It's a good thing you're not running for office. Because you'd be considered bigoted right now.”

No, Barbara Walters! Silly rabbit! She's not bigoted, she's just dumber than a can of paint!

Here's a couple of Miss Sherri “FWEEE!” Shepherd's past misdeeds. First, the infamous Flat Earth debacle:

And who could forget this heartwarming moment when Sherri decided to tweak with history a little bit. JUST a wee widdle bit.